Custom Fine Jewelry in Buffalo for over 30 Years (Home)

Custom Fine Jewelry in Buffalo for over 30 Years

What makes Scanlon Jewelers special is our ability to combine years of talented skill, expertise, and networking with personalized customer service.  When you choose Scanlon, you are guaranteed an experience that will have you coming back and recommending us to all of your friends. With Scanlon, we don’t just want to make a sale. We work with every one of our clients to make sure that they have a piece that matches the recipient perfectly.


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       Scanlon Jewelers

5735 Main Street
Williamsville, NY

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 633-6362

$15 Flat rate SHIPPING! On orders.


One of the Only Custom Jeweler in Greater Buffalo

Sometimes a pre-made piece doesn’t quite capture your desired result. At Scanlon Jewelers, we employ the most skilled and highly trained jewelry designers in the area. Our team works with gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, colored stones, and more. Scanlon has retained a group of people whose passion is jewelry and jewelry design.

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