Custom Jewelry Design

Custom Jewelry Design

Sometimes there just isn’t a piece out there that quite meets your needs or expresses your feelings. Maybe you just have a vision of what you’d like exactly, and you can’t find it anywhere. At Scanlon Jewelers, we are genuine custom jewelry designers. We have the skill, experience, and expertise to successfully create your unique piece. We are so passionate about what we do that we enjoy every moment of our work.

In the Buffalo area, most jewelers that claim to do custom work use existing pieces and make modifications. At Scanlon Jewelers, you can expect a fully custom piece that is totally unique and one of a kind. Our process for custom jewelry is clearly laid out so each client knows exactly how their piece is going to be constructed:

Design Meeting: When you decide to commission your own custom jewelry, the first step is to sit down to a meeting where you convey to us exactly what it is you would like for your final piece. Some clients have a very explicit idea in mind or even a picture to work off of. Some aren’t sure and need some guidance. Either way, our experts are prepared to take you through the full design process so we have a clear picture of your desired style, color, etc.

Quote: After deciding on a design, we will furnish a quote for your custom item and with your approval move on to the next stage.

Proof: Upon quote approval, we will then construct a wax model of your piece. With your approval, we will move forward with the construction of your custom jewelry.

Imagine having a one of a kind necklace that you know exists nowhere else or creating a completely unique engagement ring to make that special someone even more one of a kind. At Scanlon Jewelers, we relish the idea of designing and creating. If you need an extra special piece of jewelry, search no more. Stop in to our store to see if a custom project is right for you!